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What Does the Bible Say About..The Spear of Destiny?

Have you ever heard about The Spear Of Destiny...the one that stabbed Jesus in the ribs and it has a nail from the side of him. The spear is said to have powers, for whoever has the spear will have a lot of power and when the person looses it they instantly die. Well it said to be in the hands of many great rulers but I think the most recent would be Hitler. When he had it, it was a prized possession of his. And he had a lot of power. The day he lost the spear to U.S.A. he died, from suicide. And now the U.S.A. is ruling. Well that is very interesting.


The Bible says nothing about the spear used by a Roman soldier to stab him after he died, other than that it pierced his side. Anything else about that spear would be speculation. Here is my view about it.

Like the “holy grail,” the cup Jesus used at the last supper, or the shroud in which he was buried, or the wood of the cross, there would be no reason for the spear to have any special properties. People have claimed to have such relics in their possession, but nobody has been able to prove that what they had was actually what they claimed. It has been said that if all the pieces of the cross in churches around the world were all put together, there would be enough wood for several crosses.

Even if the spear, which now supposedly resides in a museum in Vienna, Austria, could be authenticated, it clearly has no special powers. Just read the story of how Hitler supposedly possessed it. The versions of the story that I could find say that he committed suicide, and then the U.S. took possession of the spear. If it had all the power people claim it has, why would Hitler have committed suicide? Why didn’t he trust the power of the spear? If it had the power people claim it has, why would the United States surrender it to the Austrian government? If it had the power people claim it has, why is Austria a mere shadow of its former self, since they are now the possessors of the spear?

If the spear has any power, it is the idea of the spear and not the spear itself that has power. That is, if somebody who has the spear thinks it has power, then they may do things that they would not otherwise have done. The power is the power of suggestion, not any real power the spear has.