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What Does the Bible Say About..The Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost?

I was told that you receive the Holy Spirit when you get saved and the Holy Ghost after you die. Can you tell me where to find this in the bible?


I can't find that in the Bible. The basic reason for that is that the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit are two translations of the same phrase. The term "Holy Ghost" was used by the translators of the King James Version. Their use of the word "ghost" was not totally the same as we use it today. While they did have the concept of a ghost as a disembodied spirit (as frequently seen in Shakespere) it could mean any spirit of man or God. Modern translators have used the term "Holy Spirit" to avoid association with our modern conception of ghosts. But in the original Greek language of the New Testament there is one phrase which was translated in these two ways. We are promised the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost when we are immersed (baptized) to take away sin (Acts 2:38). That Holy Spirit/Ghost dwells in us and helps us to understand God's will for us. Whether he stays with us after death or not is not clearly addressed in scripture.