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What Does the Bible Say About..Cross or Stake?

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses believe Jesus died on a stake? I used the spot in the Bible where it said "nails through hands" and they just said that they nailed Jesus's hands twice overlaping.


The cross versus stake thing is meaningless. What difference does it make if the stake on which he was hung had a crossbar or not. What if it was a Greek cross (shaped like an X instead of a Roman cross like a T)? What if it had no crossbar? The important thing about the crucifixion was that the son of God was executed as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. It wouldn’t matter if it were a cross, a stake, an electric chair, or a guillotine. I have no problem believing that he was nailed to an upright stake with no crossbar. The whole argument about cross or stake (and the Greek is properly translated “stake”) is just a smokescreen to avoid the more important discussion of the nature of the one who hung on the cross/stake. It is not worth arguing about because it makes absolutely no difference.