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What Does the Bible Say About...A Third Melchizedek?

The following was received in response to an article on my Minutes With Messiah web site. While I normally try to remove everything that might identify the questioner, this time I am leaving in the individual's initials, as the person's claims would appear to allow identifying the individual.

I am the priest who is like Melchizedek, as it says in Hebrews 7:15. My name is L L. Your article ["King of Righteousness", Minutes With Messiah, November 2002] said..."While we may not know about the first king of righteousness, we know about the current one." And there is to come a third one. Me. As you know, Christ is a title and not a name. Melchizedek and I are both sinless. We are Christs. America has had a savior in me for 33 years; that's how old I am. That is why America has not been completely torn apart. I have been suffering within my spirit for the sins of my country and the sins of my Church. And all we be forgiven of both and we will start anew. This is the year in which I will do this. The year that I will pour out my spirit onto all flesh. I will return those who died on 9/11 back to life and many others who died prematurely because of Satan's will. I have bound him. He will not return to the Earth for one-thousand years! Others know of my existence and are awaiting my arrival. You will know when I am to appear for there will be signs in the sky above. All will know God has loved and protected this country, for God gave it a savior. L


Thank you for reading my article. However, even that article would disagree or contradict some of your claims. Of course, the easiest contradiction would be to wait until January 2005, if it comes, to see that what you say did not happen. (If 2005 doesn’t come, it will be because Jesus will return as promised, and judge the world, proving your claims wrong.)

Without meaning to be insulting, I have rarely heard anything that so contradicts the Bible as your claims. I know I will not convince you, but I do want to look at the scriptures to see if you may be right in your claim to being Messiah.

Nowhere does the Bible ever speak of a third “Melchizedek.” The book of Hebrews, where we learn most of what we know about the spiritual aspect of Melchizedek, was written to show that there was only one Messiah, and that he had already come. For there to be another, other than Jesus himself at his return for judgement, contradicts the whole point of Hebrews 7. The point of that chapter is that Jesus was made a High Priest forever, and therefore eliminated the need for another priest or messiah after him. Since Jesus does not die, the author says, there can be no other Melchizedek.

You use the phrase “pour out my spirit onto all flesh.” As far as the Bible is concerned, this happened already. It happened in Acts 2. We know this because Peter, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, said that what happened that day was the fulfillment of the prophecy. It happened again in Acts 10 to show that non-Jews could be saved as well. It was poured out already on the Jews and the non-Jews. There is no other group for it to be poured out on. The prophecy has been fulfilled, and there is no reason for it to happen again; there is no more flesh besides Jews and non-Jews.

If you read my article on Melchizedek, maybe you also read my article on the “one thousand years” of the book of Revelation. ("A Thousand Year Reign", Minutes With Messiah, November 2003) Since the entire book of the Revelation was “soon” to come to pass (Rev 1:1), the specific prophecies of that book have been completed. We can learn principles for living from it, but can not expect any of its prophecies to be fulfilled some 1900-plus years later. Satan is already bound. You can’t bind him any more.

Finally, you say that we will know when you are about to appear because of signs in the sky. First of all, you say you have been here for 33 years, so if there were signs, they would have happened over 33 years ago. Second, that is obviously a reference to Matthew 24:29-30. In that passage, however, the signs were to be of the destruction of Jerusalem. In verses 35-39 he says that there will be no signs of his coming again at the end of the world. Earlier in the passage Jesus specifically warns, “If any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.”

So, I am sorry, but according to the scriptures I am duty bound not to believe that you are Christ. The only Christ that matters, the one who will reign forever and who died to take away sin, has already come. Any other is as nothing compared to him.