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What Does the Bible Say About..Raising Money?

What is the position taken (by the body of Christ) regarding sponsoring fund raising events to attain a goal of the church ? (I refer specifically to events such as; bake/food sales, carwashings, competitive sports activities, etc.)


Most of the congregations I have attended have taken a conservative position on this. The argument is that the only means specified in the Bible for a congregation to collect money is through freewill offerings. Most will accept interest from the bank on their contributions, but generally will not condone any other way for the church to make money. They argue that since the Bible did tell Christians to give to the treasury of the church, but was silent on any other means of making money, such silence of the scriptures is binding.

Many congregations that have taken such a position in the past now take a modified position. They still only accept freewill offerings directly into the treasury of the church. However, they may hold garage sales, dinners, and other fundraisers for specific projects, most commonly a “youth group fund.” They say this fund is never mingled with the church treasury so it is acceptable to raise money in these other ways.

I don’t know how they justify that the activities supported by these funds are not part of the functioning of the church. How can a youth group sent to a Bible Bowl competition under the name of the congregation, and with partial support from the treasury of the congregation, not be considered a work of the church? If the congregation lends any support (monetary or in name) to such an activity, then the funding of it is part of the church treasury, even if the account name is different.

Please see What Does the Bible Say About..Raising Money for the Church for a more complete answer on the conservative position, with which I generally agree.