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What Does the Bible Say About..Men Sharing a Bed?

Does Luke 17:34 give some proof that homosexuality is accepted and allowed in the kingdom of God. (Two men in one bed, one shall be taken and the other left.)


No. It doesnít say what they are doing in one bed, but you have to look at from the point of view of another culture. Even into the 1800ís and probably later men were known to share a bed without anybody questioning whether there was any homosexual activity going on. In his early years in Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln shared a bed with Joshua Speed for economic reasons. Until recently nobody ever thought anything about it. Both men became close friends, as would be expected, but there is no evidence of a homosexual relationship.

The same could be said about Luke 17:34. Just because two men share a bed does not imply homosexual activity, and certainly not biblical approval. I note that you did not question whether it was approval of incest, although it is very possible, considering the culture, that the two men in question were brothers. It was such a normal occurrence for men to share a physical bed without sharing a figurative bed.

Even if he were talking about a homosexual act, just stating a fact does not imply approval. When the Romans came to conquer Jerusalem, one would be taken and the other left, no matter their circumstances. Just the fact that the Romans would kill a significant portion of the population does not imply approval of what that population was doing when the Romans came.

Furthermore, Jesus was not talking about the kingdom of God here. He was talking about Judea at the time of the Roman destruction. So this passage would have nothing to do with whether it were acceptable in the kingdom, the church.