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What Does the Bible Say About...A Variety of Questions?

The questioner sent me 207 questions. Although they were numbered, they restarted with number 1 frequently, in some cases being preceeded by a lesson number. The style, form, and nature of questions were familiar to me from many class books on the Bible. I sent the questioner the following reply.


I received your 21 pages of questions. While I could answer them, it will take me a while. However, since they have the scripture references in the questions, and since they are in style and format like questions from a classbook or correspondence course, you would probably get the answers quicker, and do yourself more good, by trying to answer them yourself. I get the impression that by answering the questions I would be doing somebody else's homework for them.

If you have specific questions about a particular scripture or topic, I would be happy to answer them. But answering such a long series of questions is beyond the intent of my offering to answer questions. I would also be worried about copyright violations if I were to post the list of questions to my web site.

I know this may appear to be going back on my commitment to answer questions, but I must in this case apologize and decline to answer them.