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What Does the Bible Say About..The Creation of the Genders?

Why did God made Adam and Eve instead of Adam and Steve or Madam and Eve? I'm asking you this question because it is sometimes so difficult for men and women to communicate or do things together, hence the proverb, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus." Women like to go shopping and men like to watch sports. That is only one of the million examples I'm giving. (I know it is a stereotype but that is not the point.) I guess the real question I'm asking is this: Is there a much deeper meaning, like a psychological and spiritual reason of why God created for a man and woman to be romantically involved and make babies? (Instead of giving me a physical reason like because of the sex organs.) Since He is an all-powerful God and nothing is impossible for Him, He could've made romantic relationships much easier on us by making it in a way that only a man gets pregnant by another man and a woman only gets pregnant by another woman. And that marriage was only for same sex couples. In other words, He could've created a world that homosexuals are actually heterosexuals and that heterosexuals are actually homosexuals. Why didn't He do it at the beginning of time? We would've never known any different.


I don’t presume to know why God did anything, unless he has told us why. It is true that he could have made mankind differently. Of course, then he probably would have made all animals the same way.

I think he does give a hint of his thinking in the account of the creation of woman. “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18) In his wisdom, God knew that men just would not be “suitable” companions for men. Maybe it has something to do with the old idea that opposites attract. Perhaps the attributes normally associated with men are completed by the attributes normally associated with women. Clearly it was more than just the “making babies” that God considered in creating woman. Whatever it was, it was so that woman would complete what was lacking in man.

Obviously God could have created in such a way that only men, or only women, were needed to reproduce. But if he had done so, the other gender would become unnecessary. He created them so that both were necessary.