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What Does the Bible Say About..Why Use the Name Jesus?

1. How can the messiah be named Jesus when the creator is named YHWH? Scripture states that YHWH manifested in the flesh (which means he took on man form). This means he left the spirit form and became flesh. His name did not change.

2.Why is YHWH's name omitted from bibles today?

3.How can Jesus have a Roman name when he is really Jewish?


1. “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21) Just because he is the creator in the flesh does not mean he necessarily took that name while in the flesh. It was common for some people to have more than one name. For instance, the pharaoh we know as Tutankhamen also went by the names Tutankhaten and Nebkheprure. The name Yeshua (Jesus) was more appropriate to the function he was to fulfil on earth, that of savior.

2. The Jewish people considered the name of YHWH to be too sacred and powerful to pronounce out loud. Therefore, they often replaced it in their readings with the word Adonai (Lord). Many modern English translations follow that practice in writing. If you read the introduction to the translation they usually explain that “Lord,” printed in all capitals, is used where the original Hebrew has YHWH. That is because many people today read exactly what is written in their Bibles, and would pronounce the name if they did not substitute something there. A major exception would be the American Standard Bible, which uses the anglicized version of YHWH (Jehovah).

3. Jesus is the name commonly used today because it was used in the Latin versions of the Bible in common use throughout the middle ages. The Hebrew name on which that is based was Yeshua, which is a variation of Yehoshua, which we commonly call Joshua. It is common these days to use the version of a name common in your own language. I would not object if I were in a Spanish-speaking culture to being called Timoteo, or Timofey in a Russian-speaking culture. In fact, I would expect it. So in a Latin-based language it is common to use the name Jesus. In other languages they use a variation based on their language.