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What Does the Bible Say About...Wind Chimes?

I have been told by my fellow Christians and leaders that I have come into contact with that it is wrong for me to have wind chimes hanging on my verandah that tinkle when the wind/breeze blows on them. Is this so and where in the Bible does it say that it is wrong?


There is nothing in the Bible that specifically mentions wind chimes. I know of nothing that even hints that it would be wrong. In fact, I also have wind chimes outside my house and enjoy the sound.

I suggest that you ask those who are telling you it is wrong to have them where they find it in their Bible. It may be that they have a valid reason for saying as they do.

I suspect, though, that one reason for some people's objection may be some supposed pagan origin for wind chimes. It is true that some oriental religions encourage putting bells on the corners of houses or temples, with the idea that they scare away evil spirits. If that is the reason for some people to object to wind chimes, then I would think they would also object to Halloween, Christmas (and most things that go with it), and Easter eggs. I find it interesting that many who object to things like this on the basis of their pagan origins are quick to say "bless you" or "gesundheit" when someone sneezes, a practice which has similar pagan origins. Most people don't even know of these origins, so the practice itself would only be objectionable if they knew, and insisted on doing it for its original religious reasons.

Again, I suggest you ask those who object to wind chimes where they find something in scripture that would necessarily forbid them.