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What Does the Bible Say About...Women as Deacons?

1 Timothy 3:12 in the original language says: A deacon shall have no more than one spouse." Yet you use this verse to say a woman cannot be a deacon. Please explain. It seems to me it allows for women deacons, and also for deacons who happen to be single.


A direct translation of the original language in 1 Timothy 3:12 is, “Let deacons be male of one woman, ruling the children and own houses well.” The word for male may also be translated husband in this context. The word for woman may also be translated wife in this context. Any translation that simply says, “A deacon shall have no more than one spouse” is a mistranslation or a bad paraphrase. The original Greek does not allow any ambiguity; it demands that the deacon be male, and married.