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What Does the Bible Say About..Writing the Bible?

How many years did it take to write the bible?


The Bible was written by at least 38 men (some say as many as 60) over a period of over 2600 years. The earliest known biblical writing is the book of Job. The books of Moses (Genesis through Deuteronomy) were written about 2500 BC. The last of the Minor Prophets (Malachi), and therefore the last of the writers of what is often called the Old Testament, dates to about 500 BC. All of the New Testament was written between about 50 and 90 AD.

Some people say that one of the proofs that the Bible is from God is that it was written by so many people, independent of each other, over so long a period of time, with no inconsistencies. While I am impressed by that, I am more impressed that it has been preserved virtually unchanged for so long a period of time.