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Photo of Tim O'HearnTim O'Hearn: Web Minister

I began preaching and leading singing in the assembly of the church, in training so-to-speak, when I was eight years old. After I became a Christian by being baptized at age 10, I continued to study and to participate in all facets of the assembly worship, including preaching short sermons.

By the time I graduated high school in 1969 I was preaching full sermons as needed. I attended Lubbock Christian College in Lubbock, Texas. Although I majored in secondary education I took more than the required Bible courses. I graduated with a degree in secondary education (teaching fields of speech and history) and a Texas teaching credential.

Throughout my life I have taught Sunday school classes for all ages, from cradle to adult. I have regularly led singing and prayers in several congregations. I have preached in twelve congregations in the United States (four paid positions), three congregations on U.S. Navy ships, and two congregations outside the United States (in the Philippines and Perth, Australia). I have been a full-time Bible class teacher in five congregations, and continue teaching an adult Bible class on Sundays in the congregation where I now worship.

I was selected as a deacon by two congregations—the El Cajon Boulevard church in San Diego, California and the congregation of the church of Christ on board USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). I was also chosen as the Protestant Lay Reader (in charge of conducting services in the absence of a chaplain) on board USS Comstock (LSD-45).

I began studying Judaism on my own during the 1980’s. I have continued to specialize in a study of the Jewish roots of Christianity. Because of this interest, I have conducted Passover Seders for the congregation where I now worship.

Influenced strongly by David Padfield, a preacher in Zion, Illinois, I began writing and publishing “Minutes With Messiah” in November of 1999. Shortly after that I learned web site construction, and launched the “Minutes With Messiah” web site that is now www.minuteswithmessiah.com. Several months after launching that site I added the “What Does the Bible Say About..?” question and answer section. I have since answered over 600 questions submitted by visitors to that site.

“Minutes With Messiah” is my own publication. It is not the official newsletter/bulletin of any congregation of the churches of Christ, nor is its publication funded by any congregation. (While I was unemployed in early 2003 the elders of the Riverside church of Christ in Albuquerque, New Mexico did assist me for two months of publication. They have voluntarily provided funds on occasion since then, but not on a regular basis and with no strings attached.) The Riverside elders, watching for my soul as they are required to do, review my articles each month, but are not responsible for the content of the paper or my web site.