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by Tim O'Hearn

One of the most important of the berachot (blessings) in Jewish life is the “shehecheyanu” blessing. It is recited particularly on the holy days and is intended to thank God for letting the one who prays it live to see that particular day.

This is an English translation of that prayer, which I set to music for a Passover some years ago. Whether it be a holy day, or merely another day, it is an appropriate prayer.

Passover begins March 30 in 2010.

[Piano version of music] [Vocal sound file]
Score for song My Grace Is Enough

All praise to thee, O Lord, our God,
Thou blest Lord, our God,
The ruler of the Universe,
The king of the world,
Who gives us our life today,
Sustaineth us now,
And bringeth us in joyous life
To this occasion.

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