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What Does the Bible Say About..?

What happened in the second largest city in the Roman Empire? Are we living the nomadic life? What happens after 23 years of publication? The answers can be found in this month's articles.

The October 2022 issue of Minutes With Messiah will be the last regularly published issue. I will be updating the audio page to include articles I haven't previously recorded, but there will be no new monthly issues. I will also add any new songs I write.

Because of technical issues, I have not yet recorded the last several issues. All articles that I have recorded to .mp3 are available in audio, for those who have difficulty reading the print version or those who choose to listen to the articles on-the-go. The audio articles can be found at the Index of Audio Articles. You may also request articles from earlier months in mp3 format.

I am no longer posting answers to questions submitted to me. The question form stopped working and I find I no longer have the time to answer every question.

With almost 800 questions already posted, many of the questions I have been getting have already been answered. Please use the search box on the index page to find a specific topic.

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How much do you know about the birth of Jesus? What is scriptural and what is traditional? Take our Christmas Quiz! How well can you do?

I taught a class on words that church people use that might not otherwise be familiar. I have posted the lesson outlines in .pdf format for download.

I taught a class on the doctrine of Premillennialism. I have posted the slides from that presentation in .pdf format for download. I have also created the same presentation in web pages on this site for your viewing.

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Who Am I?

A brief biography of my life in service to Christ.

Riverside church of Christ

Location and assembly schedule for the Riverside congregation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Who are the churches of Christ? Background of this congregation.