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What Does the Bible Say About..Jesus Being Married?

What is the DaVinci Code all about? Was Jesus really married?


I address the question about Jesus being married at What Does The Bible Say About..Jesus Having Children?

I have not read The DaVinci Code, but have read a number of articles about it. The main thing to emphasize is that it is a work of fiction. As with most good fiction, the author begins with a “what if” premise; “what if Jesus was married and had children and the Catholic Church covered it up?” He then proceeds to make a good story out of that. The problem, as some would see it, is that the author is very good, and so the story becomes believable even if it is based on a faulty supposition.

Since I wrote the original answer about whether Jesus was married I have found some sources (not dating back far enough to be truly credible) that claim he was. It is probably these or similar sources that gave Mr. Brown the idea for his book.

The real question comes down to this: does it make a difference if Jesus was married or not? The only people to whom this would make a difference would be those who believe that sex is in itself sinful. This is primarily those who hold the doctrine of “original sin.” Since the Bible teaches that we don’t inherit sin and that sex within marriage is honorable, it makes no difference for salvation whether Jesus was married or not. He probably was not, but it really doesn’t matter.