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What Does the Bible Say About...Jesus Having Children?

What does the bible - or other sources - say about Jesus having children? I was told that he had a family, kids, etc. News to me!


That's news to me, too, and to every Bible scholar or which I am aware. The scriptures give no indication that Jesus was ever married or that he had children. He held marriage in high regard and would certainly not have had children without being married. He would actually have been looked down on by many if he was unmarried, but he was looked down on by many for other reasons as well (Luke 7:33-34).

I had never heard this said about Jesus. Of course there was a statement by Eusebius that Paul was married, although the long-standing tradition is that he wasn't. But of Jesus, nothing in this regard.

I suspect that this is either a misunderstanding or, possibly, a deliberate attempt to invent something to call the scriptures into question.

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