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What Does the Bible Say About..Changing Homosexual Behavior?

I have many friends that are Homosexuals. For years, growing up in a religious home, I believed that people choose to be gay or lesbian. I no longer believe that. I see the pain that these people go through. You say that it's against nature; otherwise animals would be homosexuals too. Maybe you weren't paying attention in biology. There are many animals that are. In addition studies show that it seems to be a way for nature to deal with over-population.

I am appalled that you are telling people that are seriously struggling with this issue (since they are born that way) to just pray about it and just not perform the act. I live in Utah and there are many people that commit suicide in this state. That is one of the major reasons!


I have reviewed what I have written about homosexuality (Can gays go to heaven?, How can I change my behavior after living a homosexual life?, Is homosexuality a choice?, Can homosexuals be forgiven if they don't intend to change?, and How do I stop committing homosexual acts?), and, as I thought, I can find no place where I have said animals never engage in same-sex activity. I would never say that, although it is rare in most animals. There are even some that change sex depending on climate, availability of mates, or other factors. But the argument that some animals engage in unusual behavior is not a valid reason for humans doing so.

I have many friends who engage in homosexual activity. Whether they are "born that way" or not is still open to debate, and will probably continue that way as long as this earth endures. It seems to me it would be highly unjust for God to make it so that a person had no choice and then to condemn it as a sin. That is why I have said that it is inconsistent to say that you can't be a murderer unless you murder, you can't be a thief unless you steal, but you can be a homosexual without committing a homosexual act.

Even if a person is born with a tendency toward homosexuality, the Bible doesn't condemn that. What it says is a sin is specifically a man having sex with a man. And it says that people can change even that action, and no longer perform such acts.

Unfortunately people commit suicide for many reasons. If they choose to do so because they persist in homosexual behavior, or because some people have considered that sin to be worse than any other and have become less tolerant of that than they are of their own pet sins, that is highly regrettable. As long as we are less tolerant of one behavior than of other sinful behaviors we will continue to have that evil.

My friends who are homosexuals know how I feel about what they do. But they also know that I accept them as my friends regardless of what they do. They know I would feel the same about them if they were "straight" and engaging in other acts the Bible calls sin. We all need to remember what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6:11. After telling the Corinthians they had been guilty of a number of sins such as theft, drunkenness, extortion, and homosexuality, Paul reminds them that all that means nothing anymore because we can all be made the same-cleansed of sin, holy, and just before God-because of Jesus the Messiah.